We usually go for a twilight walk, after we've had our fill of dinner. The days are suddenly shorter, leaving us with cotton-candy-pink skies. Max loves looking up to find planes and birds up in the evening sky. He is such a joy to be around, even as we are seeing his toddler stubbornness come through recently. He has strong opinions about what he wants to do. I'm hoping this is a sign that he will be a strong and brave leader someday. But for now, we do our best to be patient as we shape him into the best possible version of himself. But for the most part he is our constant angel. He is always smiling and giving high fives to new friends. He has a little girlfriend Lucy who lives up the street. He has somehow remembered the way to her front door, after only one time visiting her house....a little prince charming in the making. I think it must be love.