The 52 Project: a portrait series of my son, once a week in 2016 

I feel like these two images capture what life is like for us lately - wrestling a messy little boy who is always looking for adventure. Even at home, Max is always on the move. He is forever trying to discover new places to play. He is curious about everything. When I'm doing dishes, there he is, crawling up to figure out how the dishwasher works. Or, much to our dismay, he loves seeing how his diaper pail opens and closes. But when he's just woken up from a nap, he is happy to let me cuddle him and kiss him a million times while I read his favorite books. And as the day is winding down, he is always sure to make me laugh by making big splashes in the bathtub. Our new ritual is to throw his towel in the dryer so that its warm by the time he gets out. I want to do little thoughtful things like that for him as much as possible. I want him to remember these loving, thoughtful moments from his childhood. I want him to always remember the kisses and cuddles and I love yous and warm towels and bedtime stories. I want these things to be a lifelong reminder of how much we love him. 


Snow Day

This morning, we woke up to our streets covered in snow. A blizzard moved across the East Coast last night, and boy did we get hit hard. Even as I type this, snow is steadily falling from the sky. We stayed inside most of the morning, making breakfast and drinking coffee. Max sat at his window in our room and watched the streets below. There were barely any cars on the road, and the ones we saw were getting stuck in the deep snow. After a cozy morning indoors, we decided to bundle up and head outside. Max has never played in snow before so we were curious to see what he would do. He seemed pretty unimpressed until Tim grabbed him and threw him in the air. Then he started giggling and smiling ear to ear. We were only out for a few minutes, but it was really special to see my boy experiencing so much snow for the first time.


First Snow - 3/52

The 52 Project: a portrait series of my son, once a week in 2016 

I was afraid I wouldn't be there with Max when he saw snow for the first time. The other day, the winds were frigid and there were flurries in the forecast. I was at work, praying the snow wouldn't come. Thankfully it only came that night after Max was fast asleep. But this afternoon, right as we were setting out for a walk, white flurries quickly covered the ground. Max sat there in his stroller, staring up at the sky. I was so thankful to be there in that moment to see the wonder in his eyes. We walked around the neighborhood, with Max bundled up and looking around the entire time. It was a very special afternoon and I'm thankful I grabbed my camera to capture it. Thanks again, 52 Project. 



The 52 Project: a portrait series of my son, once a week in 2016 

I wrote this a bit ago and thought I'd share:
"Late at night, long after you've fallen asleep in my arms, I study your perfect features. The same features I stared at for hours when you were just a blur of a boy, still forming in my stomach. The same button nose and perfect lips. My forever dream boy."

My favorite thing is hearing Max stir, right as he's waking up from a nap. I usually walk into his room to this scene - wispy bedhead and a little toothy grin. He is so happy to see me, every single time. I pick him up and he is so cute and cuddly. I usually sneak a kiss or two, before he realizes he wants to be put down and play with all his toys. I love these simple moments with my little sunshine. 



It's funny to think of what life was like before Max. He is such a part of us, such a perfect extension of our family. It's hard to remember what we did before we shared our life with this precious boy. Our days together are simple. Running to the grocery store for snacks or driving to the thrift store to wander through racks of perfectly worn-in clothes. Mostly, though, we sit on the floor of our apartment and build Lego towers and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear for the 1,000th time. These quiet, normal moments are the most wonderful. They are the moments I know we will treasure when Max is all grown up. As parents, it is easy to get tired and worn out with the day-to-day. There are some days when putting Max down for a nap is an hour-long battle. Sometimes I get thrown up on after putting my favorite sweater on. But then sometimes I do something that makes Max crack up laughing (and then I do that thing a hundred more times in a row). And sometimes, out of nowhere, he will plant a big sloppy kiss right on my lips. Yes, there are hard and tiring moments mixed in with the perfect ones. But we are learning to laugh and not stress about the "hard" times. Because, really, all these moments are precious and very, very special.


The 52 Project

The 52 Project: a portrait series of my son, once a week in 2016 

One of my resolutions for 2016 is to finish The 52 Project. I plan to take a portrait (or series of portraits) of Max once a week this year. By the end of the year, I'll have a beautiful series to print in a hardcover book! It's so easy to get caught up in the business of everyday. I often forget to grab my camera and slow down. This is a way for me to do that. To slow down and enjoy these beautiful fleeting moments with my family. 


Happy 2016

We rung in the new year with good friends in the garden state. We set up Max in the guest bedroom and put him to sleep before the festivities began. I was so impressed with the way he slept through the craziness. I kept pressing my ear against his door, expecting to hear him stirring...but he was quiet as a mouse until after the party. Then he decided to be up for two hours ;) But we all had a good, lazy day the next day to make up for our late night. 

Today marks 9 months for our not-so-little dude. We call him our tiny giant because he's always been so big and strong for his age. He is nonstop crawling, ready to walk already. He is always moving, playing and laughing. He loves when we sing, clap, and make funny faces at him. He's working on his 8th tooth already too. What a little treasure he is to us.