Our Healthy Treat

Tim and I went out for a little smoothie date the other day. We've been trying to work out and eat healthier lately, so smoothies and juices have kind of been our thing recently. We usually go to our YMCA for a little work out and then head to our local juice bar, Roots, for a treat. It's kind of amazing and I would love a juice from there every single day. Oh, and I plan on stealing that little white chair ;) I find that having a workout routine and sticking to it is a huge motivator for us. Have any of you got a workout/diet routine that you stick to? 


Love Your Hometown

Little towns are amazing in that they hold unique, one-of-a-kind shops that locals often take for granted. When I travel, I often venture out to the outskirts of a big city to find those old, run down antique and thrift stores that nobody really goes to unless they're locals. And often times we forget the magic that our hometown possesses. So here's a little reminder to love your hometown, no matter how much you want to get out of it sometimes.


Free People Wicker Park Collaboration

I spent Monday evening with the beautiful gals from the Free People in Wicker Park! We braved the chilly Chicago streets and snapped some fun shots, adorned with the most beautiful FP wardrobe. These ladies are seriously adorable and hilarious. I kind of just want to hang out with them all the time. We had such a blast snapping photos in the best neighborhood and eating pizza in the back alley behind the shop...because, well, why not?! I can't wait for another shoot in slightly warmer weather. It's kind of a dream to do a shoot with a store full of FP wardrobe at your disposal. If you're in the Chicago area, definitely stop by and see these babes and their beautiful Free People location.


Always On The Run

Blouse & boots: Thrifted | Dress: Free People | Hat: Urban Outfitters | Satchel: Old Faithful Vintage | Jewelry: Rings and Tings

The past few days have given us a taste of spring. The green grass is beginning to make its appearance, the days are getting longer and warmer, the sun is shining bright throughout the day, and soon flowers will start to bloom all around us. I can finally wearing dresses with tights and not worry about the snow freezing my feet. It's quite a nice change from jeans, snow boots, and oversized sweaters (which I also love, just not for 4 months straight!). Tim and I are continuing to make plans for our summer in Philadelphia. If any of you are local to the area, any advice on good neighborhoods or resources for places to stay would be welcome ;) I know we'll find the perfect little summer home, but for now we are scouring the internet to find a nice place. But I'm not complaining - I love this stage of excitement…of looking forward to things and organizing trips and researching new places to see. It's all so familiar to us by now, with us having to split our time between the States and New Zealand. We are used to packing up our home and living somewhere new for months at a time. It's part of the beautiful life we get to live together. I think it will always be this way for us; a life of adventure and seeing the world as new and beautiful and exciting, together. 


Home Sweet Midwest

Pants: H&M | Tank + Hat: Thrifted | Shirt: Glassons | Boots: Macy's | Bag: Marshalls | Jewelry: c/o Rings & Tings

The other night we took an evening stroll to get some fresh air. Tim works from home most days, so having an evening walk together is a nice excuse to get out of the house, catch up, and spend some quality time together. We took photos on this little road that reminded me of the English countryside, probably because I've been reading a novel based in England, Never Let Me Go. Not that I've ever been, but I imagine most of the roads and driveways there are long, narrow gravel roads leading to lovely cottages in the countryside. One day we'll get to travel there and see it for ourselves. For now, I'll settle for these fake-English-countryside driveways that really lead to homes filled with barking dogs and families watching American Idol. Even though sometimes this Indiana town doesn't feel like a spectacular place to live, I am so grateful for the life we have in our little American Midwest town.



Top and shorts: Thrifted | Shoes: c/o Loly in the Sky | Necklace: Rings and Tings  (Use code ILOVERT for 10% off your purchase)

I don't think I'll ever get sick of wearing polka dots. Or stripes. I think those are my top two kinds of prints. And floral. Polka dots, stripes, and florals. Yep, I could wear a variation of those all day everyday forever. I found this particular top at the thrift store the other day and loved it. I paired it with the best high-waisted denim shorts that my sister gave me a few months back. She has discovered a gold mine of high-waisted shorts and silk shirts at her local thrift store; the perfect combination with her absolutely perfect Florida weather! So she's been sending me care packages with the best shorts and the dreamiest silk shirts. They're making me even more excited for spring and summer. 

Well life has been nice and busy lately. I've been working hard during this semester and looking forward to my spring break in a few weeks. Tim and I aren't planning a trip, but I'm looking forward to some quiet mornings of sleeping in and making breakfast together and going out  for coffee and dinner and movie dates. And we're getting things together for our summer in Philadelphia, too! We've been searching for a place to stay during the summer. I'm still in a state of shock that this whole Free People internship is happening. I can't wait for June so the fun and excitement can begin! It'll shake me out of this whole, "this is just a dream" state-of-mind. I can't wait for days in the studio and nights of exploring a new city. 


Take Me Out

Dress c/o: Poppy Lux | Boots: Thrifted | Coat: Guess

On Wednesday night, Tim and I finally went out on our Valentine's Day date. He's been in New Zealand for the past two weeks visiting his family (hence the quietness on the blog!). The poor guy had to come home to freezing cold weather after being in the beautiful Southern Hemisphere's summer! He was all bronze and sun-kissed when he came back to the chilly Midwest. 

We braved the cold and went out to a new restaurant called The Little Goat. It was super delicious and we finished the night off with some Wildberry Lavender ice cream from Jeni's. It's my absolute favorite ice cream place and they just opened up a shop in Chicago - score! Gotta love date nights filled with delicious food, lots of laughter, and perfect desserts.